Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Victory over Condemnation"

This is one of my favorite messages by Rob Rufus that I have listened to recently, several times, just to let the truth of it really sink in. I will just include of few of my notes and the link so you can listen to it for yourself.

"No condemnation ever comes from God, God is for you, he has taken your side" (those who are in Christ) Romans 8:1

In Isaiah 54:9 God takes an oath never to be angry with us again.

God expressed all the fullness of his anger at Jesus

There is never any condition God will be angry at me (in Christ)

Don't let an unclear scripture rob you of the joy of a clear scripture

Right living has been preached for the last hundreds of years, this is not the gospel. Trying to live right does not produce freedom.
Right believing is the power of God, Romans 1:16, and it produces right results.

Check out this message some time if you can, it has been extremely helpful to me! 

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