Sunday, October 21, 2007

Who I am in Christ!!!

I am currently going over and over and over who God says I am in Christ. I can't get over it! I am psyched, pumped and fired up! (haven't used any of those words since I was a kid:) Tonight, I heard a message that reiterated it and so I wanted to share it here.
The bible tells me I am a New Creation, that I am a Saint, an Ambassador for Christ, I have the perfect righteousness of Christ given to me, I have all the riches of Christ...........

I want to repeat myself again, and again over the days, weeks and coming months! I can't hear this enough! Knowing who God says I am has a huge impact on how I will want to live my life for Him!!! It also drives me to delve deep into His Word and revel in the life given to me from it!!

I am so grateful that God is revealing his grace more and more to me, I have a whole new perspective of his character as well, he's way more loving and patient than I ever understood him to be -since I was living like I was in the Old Covenant still, and had a legalistic mindset, so naturally I didn't think God was happy with me often since I could never live up to the standard of the law!! But now that I understand the New Covenant of Grace, I feel like a new creation in Christ!! God is so Amazing and so desirable, I just want to spend time with Him truly learning who He really is!!

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