Tuesday, October 30, 2007

.....time is on my side, yes it is

So, I spent most of yesterday, just chillin' out on my couch watching my kids play with a cup of tea in hand....been fightin' a nasty head cold,....I noticed on my tea bag a little quote..."When God made time, He made enough of it." And that struck me! There I was relaxing out of necessity tempted to complain because I was forced to slow down and only take it easy.....I thought how cool, God gives us so many opportunites to take time to just be... and I have found that this year, as crazy as my circumstances have been, and believe me they have been strange and intense, God has made the time for all of it and it hasn't been unbearable or overwhelming, just sort of slow and steady.....(let me clarify, in the midst of feeling my world emotionally crash in on me, not knowing what would come next, he poured out so much grace and kindly let things fall into place smoothly -things that seemed impossible to me, and to others, he just took care of it....)

Most of our world doesn't have enough time, most people I know are always pressed for time and stressed out to the max because they don't have enough time to do everything they think they should. I don't believe that is the heart of God for us. God made the world and that's no small task, but then he saw that it was good and rested!! Even God chills out!! And if you read about the life of Jesus, it seems as though he was always teaching and healing and walking from town to town, yet he always had time to spend with his Father, and lots of it, he always took time to pull away from the crowds who wanted to see and hear Him, to rest and sit with his disciples. It just seems to me there was an easy flow of life, I mean they got a ton accomplished but was it bam bam bam, go here do this do that, I gotta get more done, or I'm not doing enough......No!

I love the story of the time Jesus was hanging out with Mary and Martha, and I can picture Jesus sitting down talking to the people in the room, eventually everyone would have a meal together, so of course someone had to prepare it (and in those days there was more cultural importance on meals and honored guests and all that I don't really know much about) anyway, it was the ladies home so naturally they needed to get dinner ready or beds made or whatever..... but Mary was just sitting, doing nothing but listening to Jesus - Martha was overly occupied and too busy, distracted with much serving, getting kind of ticked off that Mary left all the work to her, so she presents her case to Jesus, "tell her to help me!" But the wise, patient Jesus says " Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but only one thing is necessary, Mary has chosen the good portion, that which is to her advantage, which shall not be taken away from her." She was putting the tasks aside to "be with Jesus" and sit at His feet. I just love this story! Anyway, it goes to show God doesn't need our service over our time spent with Him!

I am more and more inclined these days to just be still and not get overwhelmed with all that I think I have to do or that others may seem to demand of me. When I feel guilt or pressure creep in I have to talk myself out of it because there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ, none, no guilt, no pressure to perform, none!! I know God will give me grace to accomplish all he has for me to accomplish in his timing.

Anyway, this has been somewhat of a strange babbly post, but these are my spontaneous thoughts, just spurting out of my brain.............


Steve LaBs said...

I hope you feel better! It's good to see your computers up and running and your back :)

Joel B. said...

Very good word today! I've dealt with a similar thing, being sick lately, and I've found myself pretty content to just rest and let myself get better without worrying about the "time" it's taking to get better! I'm not the type of person to rush around in busyness, burning myself out, but yet I still sometimes wish there was more "time" to do all the things I want to do. However, as you've shared in this post, there is enough time! If I'm wanting more time, it's perhaps because I've abused the time I have, or I'm wanting to do things that God doesn't need me to do!

I love the story of Mary and Martha! "Distracted with much serving." I want to be active, and not lazy, in my walk with Jesus, but never again will I be busy with much serving! No matter what others think.

lydia said...

Thanks Labs! Hanging on to this thing, struggling with my asthma -whew, hope to get meds tomorrow!!

Thanks Joel, hope you are on the mend and glad you're enjoying your "down" time!!