Friday, November 23, 2007

"Deep calls to deep"

Wow! I just finished a message by Paul Anderson Walsh that really blew me away! So, I had to recommend it publicly. I found it over at Grace Roots, Joel's blog about a month ago and only started it and loved it then! It is quite long and somewhat difficult to hear, but don't let that deter you, this is worth a listen!!
One thing he said in his message I appreciated so much, as lately I have been blessed so much by hearing people's testimonies, he said; " Everyone has an experience with God that I don't have! Everyone knows something about Jesus that I don't know!" He then proceeded to ask the congregation "How many of you came to church today planning to share something God taught you this week, raise your hand." Then he called one woman up and had her share, she shared, then he asked the congregation, "how many of you needed to hear that, raise your hand" -and apparently many folks did. Anyway, that wasn't a main point of his message or anything, just a tangent thing that struck me, and there were many things he said that struck me! Good stuff, go ahead, have a listen!! ( you can find the link to this over in the highly recommended teachings on grace, to the left)

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