Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In your presence Lord..........

This morning I woke up happy -happy to be alive in Christ, happy to know God loves me so much, filled with joy because God is revealing himself to me more and more as I seek to know Him. He is revealing his character to me and showing me how loving, patient and kind he is!! He is giving me fresh perspectives and courage to trust Him, because he is so trustworthy......he is helping me to lighten up, relax and know He is in control, not me and I am glad, -glad because in times past when I tried to have control, things didn't work out too well, and I didn't like who I was, stressed out, uptight, intense, worried, fearful......enough negativity to put me in a psyche ward.....anyway, the more I revel in my Awesome God, and who He is and how He loves me, the more I am freely able to have true inner joy, and peace, the more I am able to rest and relax and not wear the weight of the world on my shoulders...........This is freedom! This is life! I don't worry about all the things I have to do or accomplish, I just rest knowing God will order my day as he sees fit, and I am open to his agenda for me...........!
More and more I just want to bask in the richness of my God, and sit in His presence and just be with Him, for "in His presence is fullness of joy" -that's what I long for more of -His Presence! Oh to be in the Presence of the Mighty Living God -oh to know Him more...this is the cry of my heart, to know my God....to be with Him!

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