Friday, November 16, 2007

A Prayer........!!!!

Romans 10:10 "For with the heart a person believes and so is justified, and with the mouth he confesses(declares openly and speaks out freely his faith) and confirms (his) salvation."

So, this is a prayer confessing the truth of the gospel so our hearts can get a hold of the truth...........

"Holy Spirit, I thank you, that you annoint the Word of God, and in my heart, the Word of God has been deposited, and I say out of my mouth, what I believe in my heart, through grace, through the gospel, through faith - I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, I am always righteous, because my righteousness does not depend on me, but on what Jesus did at the cross, Jesus obeyed for me, Jesus kept the law perfectly for me, and I am in Him a joint equal heir with Christ and an heir of God, through the righteousness that is by faith, I believe you are making me an heir of the world, you are giving me favor, you are giving me influence, financial empowerment, health and healing and annointing and supernatural deliverance, you are giving me victory and triumph, not through my successful obedience, but through the successful obedience of Jesus on my behalf, and as He is, so am I, in this world, and it's all through faith, from first to last, nothing in between, nothing before, nothing after, and it's all of faith. And Father I confess today I have faith in this Gospel and I thank you for doing it! And now devil, You are under my feet, not because of my holiness, but because of Jesus holiness, I have dominion over you, all your lies, and all your accusations have no power any more, because I know the gospel, and the cross is clear, the victory's mine, I will not be denied, you have been made a public spectacle of, you were triumphed over at the cross, and Jesus took the rules and the regulations that stood opposed to me and he cancelled them, and where there is no law there is no wrath, there is no transgression, I am not a transgressor, I am dead to the law, I belong to Jesus, He's my great high priest, he's my heavenly attorney, and he's arguing a perfect case for me, not on the basis of my performance, but on the basis of His perfect performance, so my Father in heaven declares to you devil, you are illegitimate, your case is illegal and is neutralized, cause I believe the gospel, and I am free in the grace of God, I have victory, I have triumph, I celebrate - Thank You Jesus, Thank You for saving me, Thank You for delivering me!! Thank You for the Gospel!! AMEN!!!"

This is a prayer that Rob had his congregation declare out of their mouth, confessing the truth of the Gospel so their hearts can get a hold of the truth, it's all from Scripture. I just had to transcribe it! Anyway, we can come up with our own spontaneous prayer from our heart declaring the truth from Scripture to encourage our hearts and build our faith, and crush condemnation and build up our spirits. If you have not yet listened to any of the messages to the left, I must beg you now to do so!! I implore -this is life and freedom! Every time I listen, more revelation comes, more faith comes - I get fed!!!!

(Please listen to "How wonderful is the Gospel". )

May God be greater in your eyes today, may you be more grateful for the gospel today, be encouraged -God is for you, He loves you, he does not condemn you, he offers you life and freedom in Christ -Take hold of this!!


jul said...

Thanks for putting that up, at first I thought it was your prayer and I was really impressed hehe. I join you in begging everyone to listen to the messages. We miss you guys!

lydia said...

diGreat to hear from you! I think I just might frame it and hang it up! We miss you guys too! Hope all is going smoothly with your transition!!