Friday, November 2, 2007

Living in Grace.....

So, I was able to finish my book, you know "Grace Walk," while sitting in the ER yesterday morning for a few hours! Yes, ER, no big deal really -I was just really having a hard time with my asthma so I decided to admit myself and get some Nebulizer treatments. It was actually a pleasant experience, all the staff who helped me were super nice, I got to chill out and read all by myself uninterrupted!! Funny if you knew me and knew how much I hate Dr's and hospitals you'd think this amazing! Anyway, I am much much better today!! You know what's coming next, a few more quotes from the last chapter of Steve McVey's book, living in grace:

"Living in grace means that we express His life as a natural and normal part of our daily experience. We live trusting Him to express Himself through us every day. We don't have to overanalyze our actions and attitudes. Life isn't a test, it's a rest ( I love that!!) The test has already been given, and we have received a perfect score because Jesus took the test for us. It's time now to celebrate! We don't need to live under a list of things we believe we ought to do. When we are living each day abiding in Christ, we can do whatever we want to. As we abide in Him, HIs desire will be our desire.
Some Christians have worry lines on their faces as deep as the bottomless pit. Lighten up! The Christ-life is one of joy. People will be drawn to us and to Him when they see the quality of joy that we experience. Even in painful circumstances that cause us to be emotionally unhappy, Christians can experience spiritual joy. Don't freeze up spiritually with analysis-paralysis. I'll say it once more for emphasis: We can just live, allowing Christ to naturally and normally express Himself through us

Good stuff, I tell you the more and more we learn about grace the more amazed we are, the more drawn to Christ we are, all the more peace and rest we enjoy!!

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