Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Back in time.......

So, I drafted a post on Sunday, Oct. 21 that I just published to that date - so it's a new post to check out if you are interested, short but sweet.

Just wanted to say again how much I am enjoying reading through "Grace Walk", by Steve McVey. I definitely recommend checking it out. So, I wanted to post a few quotes............

This is a Quote from Charles Trumball " The great truth that so many earnest, surrendered Christians have even yet failed to see is that salvation is a twofold gift; freedom from the penalty of sin, and freedom from the power of sin. All Christians have received in Christ as their Savior their freedom from the penalty of their sins, and they have received this as an outright gift from God. But many Christians have not yet realized that they may, in the same way, and by the same kind of faith in the same God and Savior, receive now and here the freedom from the power of their sins which was won for them by their Savior on the cross and in His resurrection victory. Even though they know clearly that their own efforts have nothing to do with their salvation from the penalty of their sins, they are yet deceived by the Adversary into believing that somehow their own efforts must play a part in their present victory over the power of their sins. Our efforts can not only never play any part in our victory over the power of sin, but they can and do effectually prevent such victory.... We are to use our will to accept the gift of victory: we are not to make an effort to win the victory."

We experience victory in the Christian life as we receive God's gift in faith. And as we abide in Christ. God doesn't intend for us to struggle for the victory. As we rest in Him, we enjoy the victory of His life. It is impossible to struggle and rest at the same time!

I wish I could quote the whole next chapter "The Vice of Values", but I will restrain, here's a bit....

"It's not God's purpose that our lives be built on a system of values. It is His desire that they be built on the person of His Son. Value systems may influence behavior, but God is not interested in systems of living. He is interested in relationships. An intimate relationship with Him will produce a godly lifestyle. A focus on behavior will not create intimacy with God or a godly lifestyle."

" The definitive question in the life of the believer is not, "Would it be wrong for me to do this?" but, "Am I abiding in Christ at this moment?" An unsaved person evaluates behavior on the basis of right and wrong, but the lifestyle of the Christian is to flow from the activity of Christ. If the lifestyle of a Christian is built around a value system, there is little difference between that and the lifestyle of an unbeliever. Many unbelievers express a desire to live according to the values embodied in the Golden Rule or the Ten Commandments."

"I highly recommend that you give up your Christian values. You may find this statement startling, but I want to shake you into serious thought. I'm not advocating moral anarchy. Nor am I suggesting that how you live is unimportant. What I am saying is that focusing on a value system is not God's intended way for you to live. God never proposed your lifestyle to be built around the principle of right and wrong. To do so is damaging in several ways."

I will just list the ways and then you'll just have to read the book for yourself.......
-An obsession with right and wrong makes people self-concious instead of God conscious. (I wholeheartedly agree, and experienced this for myself!)
-An obsession with right and wrong emphasizes human values instead of godly virtues.
-An obsession with right and wrong stresses law instead of life.(this one I am dying to expound upon one of these days!!)

That's it!


Joel B. said...

I meant to comment on your "book recommendation" post a couple of weeks ago. Grace Walk (the books and the ministry as a whole) has played a huge part in my freedom in Christ. I've read the Grace Walk book several times, and I'm always picking it up and reading sections of it. It's really a great book to read and discuss in a group setting. McVey also has several other books that build upon the original and I've read each one and I highly recommend them all!

I've been involved in a minor way with Grace Walk for about 2 1/2 years. A friend and I record a weekly program that airs on Grace Walk Radio (my blog links to our program). I've become great friends with the station manager, and I know that everyone involved in the ministry has a heart that is deeply devoted to sharing the grace of God.

Anyway, among the many wonderful resources that are available to help people become solidified in grace and in their identity in Christ, it goes without saying that this ministry one that I highly recommend. :)

Joel B. said...

Ah, yes, the Vice of Values chapter is SO VERY RICH! However, it's a hard sell when it comes to convincing others about the truths it contains. ;)

But it really has helped me to understand that my identity in Christ isn't based upon the values I hold or try to live by. In fact, if I'm trying to live by "values," I'm living from the flesh and not from my identity in Christ... and not from a state of abiding in Him.