Wednesday, December 12, 2007

God is Grace ~ the Gospel is Grace

Okay so I am launching in to what is potentially another long post, so bear with me, I just can't help myself! I have been really amazed by the aspects of the Gospel I never understood all these years. And essentially the Grace I am in awe of and in love with is the Gospel! In addition God in his character, who he is, is Grace! You see over the years in my former church I heard about grace quite a bit, but not in the way it was fully intended. Let me see if I can explain. I remember terms with grace infused into them, such as, "evidence of grace", "a means of grace", or "the grace was there for me to get through, xypd and q" -as well as "look for the graces in people's lives." Okay, so before anyone gets upset with me, these "phrases", in and of themselves are not necessarily wrong to say. However, I am finding that because they seem to be drawing from grace to essentially pull strength from, that's all there is and the big picture is missing. Are you following me? You see God finally showed me, He is Grace! We do not need to keep drawing from the grace of God to get by, we can draw from the very life of Christ that now lives in us!!! Don't get me wrong God's grace to us is awesome it is a gift and his kindness to us, but we can have more, the very life of God!
As Joseph Prince says, "Grace isn't a doctrine, it's a Person, Jesus Christ!" I love that!
I guess I am just continuously marveling in the breadth, depth, heighth and vastness of all that God is and has for us, and it's all ultimately for the praise of His glory!
Turns out this was meant to be short and sweet!! May you too be amazed and in awe of the One who is Grace!


Gina said...

This brought a smile to my face :) We so often belittle God's big work into words with less power than he gave them. When we throw around the word "grace" in our conversations without taking pause to revel in awe at what Christ has done for us, then we lose the awe and worship that ought to well up every time we say it.

lydia said...

Yahoo, smiles are great!!! Thanks for stopping by and sharing!!!