Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Christ in you, the hope of glory"

This verse has been swirling around in my head for some time. As time goes by and I learn more about the mystery of the gospel this verse takes on more meaning and richness in my heart. I am still growing more aware of the glory God intends for my life, and knowing that Christ lives in me brings this closer to home for me! But I don't want to stop with me! I don't want to focus solely on what God is doing in me, for me and meeting my specific needs. Although these are all wonderful amazing things, in and of themselves, it's just not enough! You see knowing Christ's life is now in mine, or as mine or through mine, because when I came to Christ, I died, to sin, to law and essentially to myself(in the spiritual realm) has made a huge impact on my life! But there's more.....not only do I receive glory through Christ's life manifest in mine, but God receives glory through me! Hmmm......God did not just send Jesus to rescue me.....there is so much more than that. If we stop there, we stay focused on...well....ourselves! Don't get me wrong that Christ came to save us is quite tremendous, amazing and baffling to our feeble minds....but there is so much more!!!
This is so exciting that God has put this in my mind and on my heart, as today I heard a wonderful message reiterating these truths, and the glory of God, or should I say the glory due His name, was ultimately at the core! The praise of His Glory!

I love Ephesians chapter 1, I think it essentially captures what my feeble mind is trying to verbalize, or should I say type.....okay so it's too long..check it though..but just to sums up the grace of the gospel given to us and three times Paul states it is for the praise of his glory! He did it all for us, for the praise of His glory! So he could have a whole host of sons and daughters, that glorify His name around and in all the earth!!

I have also been loving this worship tune, "You are the Lord, You're the Famous One, Famous One, Great is Your Name in all the earth. The heavens declare You are Glorious, Glorious, Great is Your Name in all the earth."


Neil said...

Our only hope of glory is Christ in us! Awesome blog. Greetings from Biddeford, Maine USA

lydia said...

Hey there Neil from Maine, thanks for stopping by!!