Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love like no other.....

I confess, I don't know how to love. Love is complicated, messy even. There is no cookie cutter mold you can put yourself in called Love. Often times, I just wish there was a manual I could read and then just go and do it and it would work..
For years, I allowed myself to not "see" people, but see issues or problems to solve, like I could somehow just analyze what I saw and come up with a way to fix it, or them. Or just dish out my 2 cents.  I liked to categorize people and put them into their little boxes. That's what happens when your focus is on how to live "right" instead of how to love people for who they are. I just wanted to know what I had to do in order to be a good "Christian". Just like a good old Pharisee!  
Last year I read the book "Love Walked Among Us", and for the first time I really fell in love with Jesus. It helped me get to know Jesus better and to see how he always loved people first. Jesus wasn't walking around correcting people or giving them advice on how to live. He was so compassionate towards people, ALL people.  I can't imagine what it would be like to encounter Jesus.....but, the cool thing is He lives in me and wants to express His life through me.....not me "trying" to be like Jesus....Him being Him, flowing through me, expressing His Life and Love to others. That to me  is amazing! Refreshing! Freeing! 

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