Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Restoring the years!!!

Lately, I keep remembering the verse in Joel 2, about God restoring the years the locusts have eaten...
After going through many years of difficulty in our marriage, and our spiritual life, this past year everything had come to a head and we went through alot of heavy circumstances, moving from one state to another before our house sold, no job, baby due, no place to live,  living with my mother-in-law(talk about stress!!) , picking up and leaving my husband twice, counseling to no avail, deciding to leave our church, (which has been difficult and very grieving, kind of like a divorce)......hmm the only things missing were fire and death.(God IS merciful!) Anyway, I say all of this not to seek pity, but just to say God has begun to restore the years the locusts have eaten in many ways. So I decided to look up this passage and dig into it a little bit. 
In Joel 1:4, it explains what the locusts do..
4What the gnawing locust has left, the swarming locust has eaten;
         And what the swarming locust has left, the creeping locust has eaten;
         And what the creeping locust has left, the stripping locust has eaten. 

(So it seems as though there are more than one kind of locust, I think I have heard it that these are the different stages a locust goes through.) Anyway, the locusts don't stop until they devour all. Boy that is sure how it felt for us, like everything in our life was going wrong!!
I love this portion of Scripture in Joel 2:18-27, check it out! It's about God promising deliverance for His people!! It is very encouraging! 
So, I am taking this Scripture to heart, that God will restore the years! So far He has given us peace and joy! He is restoring our relationship with each other, we are becoming best friends, communication is finally clicking. We trust each other and accept each other(at least we are trying and it is a process!) We are overall happier, relationally speaking, it's quite refreshing from where things were. All these things are gifts to us from the Lord, we didn't DO one single thing to get to this place! I guess we just started to believe and have faith in what God's word says. We think differently, we are focused on Him instead of ourselves...all because of understanding the wonders and mysteries of His Gospel of Grace and His gift of Righteousness and our union with Christ!!! 
One thing I keep repeating is "God delights in me" and "HE delights in pouring His blessings on His precious children!"  Isn't God SO Awesome!! 

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