Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm in the clouds.....!!!

Lately, I have been so aware of clouds. Any day, any time, anywhere, I can't get my eyes off the clouds and genuinely wish my head was in the clouds! In fact I've nearly crashed the car numerous times squealing to the kids how I saw a cloud that looked like a feather or one that looked like a dragon, or a breath blowing out air...! What I am coming to realize is that I love nature, that I always knew, but, that God reveals himself through His creation is what I am seeing so much more than I ever truly sensed before.

In addition to that I seem to always be looking up, as opposed to years of looking down or inward due to such a sin focus mentality. I just want to say God has so much in life for us to enjoy and he wants us to be free to enjoy it. To breath deep and let Him flow in and through us. What a joy to every day look up and see an eclectic sky full of God's glory....and if you watch long enough, it changes every moment. It's never the same! How much more should we be free to flow and not stick to mundane routine life!!! He set us free to be free in so many ways......I absolutely love the unceasing creativity of the Father! It simply is mind bogglingly wonderful!!!!

Psalm 147:8 ~"He covers the sky with clouds; he supplies the earth with rain and makes grass grow on the hills."


Dan Bowen said...

Thanks for this awesome reminder of creation!! I found I was doing that when I was walking to work - just gazing at the clouds!! And then I bumped into a lamp post!! :)

lydia said...

Your welcome ~ I hope you didn't hurt yourself, haha, lol....

Nicole said...


This post touched me! I am in love with clouds above everything else in nature! I love clouds! I feel more intimate with Father particularly on cloudy days. Its wierd but really, there is just something about clouds that I am truly enthrolled by!

In Freedom, Nicole!