Sunday, June 1, 2008

Walking by the Spirit....

I have been contemplating about walking by the Spirit a lot lately. What does it really mean or look like to walk by the Spirit? Is is proactive or require much effort on our part......I think it can mean that, but I think first and foremost it's important to believe and understand we are now new creations, spirit beings, not flesh or soul beings......we are alive to Christ and our old nature has died, and we now have the very same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead alive inside of us, in our spirit.....I believe when we truly lay hold of this truth, by renewing our minds with it, we can sort of just flow, or should I say the Spirit is able to flow freely through us.....I am noticing more and more the Spirit flowing through me and I feel so free, so some this may sound a bit weird, almost New Agey perhaps, but it is so true.....if it was for freedom we were set free, should we not literally feel the freedom that Christ has purchased for us, should we not feel "alive" to Christ......

I know for so many years I did not experience this freedom genuinely, I truly felt bound, for lack of a better word, just bound up, trapped even, longing for something and I couldn't tell you what.....I was spiritually blind, deaf and dumb......that was due to being placed back under the law, which only brings death and curses.....I didn't know about my freedom in Christ or about my amazing inheritance either.....thankfully, where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom and He who began a good work was faithful to see me being transformed into His likeness and that simply wasn't possible under legalistic sin conscious teaching and mentalities.......thank God, He set me free from that and is still freeing me from old mindsets......He truly longs to heal us in every way, not just physically.......I do not minimize the suffering of physical blindness, deafness or dumbness, but those things in the spiritual sense are life robbing, sucking away joy and true inner peace....but God has His ways of healing our broken hearts and restoring us as He intends to do and really it's all Him.....I believe a lot of our partnering with Him has do with our mindset, our thoughts and the past I tried to "do" things, so many things to improve myself in the spiritual sense, but I simply could not succeed, I would have brief victory only to fall back into frustration and disappointment.....

honestly, I was trying to measure up to the "law" which is simply not what God intends whatsoever, the law was added so the trespass might increase, no wonder I couldn't move forward in my most often I simply believe the truth of His Word, the truth of the pure Gospel of Grace, it's all been done and I can't do one thing to add to it, but I can accept His wonderful free gifts, of righteousness and allow His Spirit to just work in me from the inside see the Pharisees had it the other way around, that's why they were called white washed tombs......I am now so aware of this inside out transformation that God is doing in me and that is what is so freeing......he carries the burdens, His yoke is trials will come, affliction will come, life will look messy, (actually is should from time to time and it's okay....) but when we have the Spirit of the Lord within us to draw from -we can breeze through trials as difficult as they may be, and believe me I have a had a number of them, some without awareness of the power of the Spirit within me, and recently with such awareness of Him living His life through me, and the difference is incredible......He truly does take us from glory to love God, honestly, I love discovering His mysteries these days......I love the beauty of the Holy Spirit, I long to find out more about Him and what He is like.......and I know I will get to since He and I are partnering together to bring forth the kingdom on this earth......I hope you don't mind my random post, it's kind of an out loud thought process, actually a written out thought process......I would absolutely love anyone else's thoughts on what walking by the Spirit means to them......I think it would be encouraging and edifying.......please feel free to share.....much peace to all who read here...........!!!

Where the Spirit of the Lord is ~ There is FREEDOM!!!

I decide to include a favorite passage of Scripture of mine, that goes with this post. 


Matthew Campbell said...

Awesome post, Lydia.

I think walking by the Spirit isn't something that we can learn how to do through people telling us. It comes from simply learning for yourself. Taking by faith that the Spirit is in us and we are in Him and allowing the Spirit to teach us. This is a very sloppy and messy process I believe. It's not at all organized. "The Wind blows where it wishes."

I've also noticed that the more we inch toward our freedom and doing God's will, there is heavier attack. With me, it's usually always in my mind. Some days I feel so weary battling constant assaults on my mind with doubts and confusion that it feels like my brain is going to crack and I'll end up a mental patient.

The more I learn, the more I realize that it's ALL about keeping our eyes on Jesus every second. As soon as we see ourselves or look away from Him, we fall. We have to aggressively renew our minds with the Good News and with who we are in Christ and who He is in us. We need to constantly be in prayer with God, constantly renewing our minds with truth from the scriptures. We need our minds renewed daily. We need the eyes of our heart constantly enlightened because the flesh is always fogging up our minds, distorting the truth.

It all comes down to what we know about Jesus and who we are in Him. The enemy and my flesh constantly tries to cloud my judgment and distort God.

"Grow in Grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."

lydia said...

Thanks Matt, love your thoughts.....I learn best by learning for myself, often the hard way,ha...I agree it's messy, I think this is why many Christians end up under the law, they don't want to look messy.....they just want to be told what to do so they can be a good Christian.....that's what I did.
Yes, the attacks do come, the more free we get, but I am learning how to get through them a bit quicker...pfhew...but my own mind sometimes drives me crazy and that's usually when I pray in tongues or listen to a grace message telling me who I am in Christ......thank God for technology these days......Thanks again for sharing your life and your thoughts.....much peace to you today!!!