Friday, June 6, 2008

God's kindness....

I am so excited! God is so kind to me! I have a little story to share of God's goodness and hopefully it will encourage others!

You may already have noticed my love of nature, in addition to that I love and dream of gardening and having my own vegetable garden. It has been a passion of mine for years that I have not had much opportunity to explore. It's kind of in my blood, my dad grew up vegetable farming and my mom has an amazing immaculate backyard garden. I currently live in a small town, in a small house with a postage stamp for a yard and simply no room for a garden of any kind.

Anyway, I used to be a part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), years ago when we lived here in the Philly area and have been truly hoping hoping I could rejoin the farm again this year. The membership meetings are held in February and I tried my darnedest to get on the waiting list to join. I called and called and emailed and emailed. No response, no success. As the months passed by, up to the time the farm would open it's gates and offer it's bounty, I held out for hope that somehow I could possibly get in. It is a highly desired farm with a lot a people waiting to join, I didn't see any chance it would happen. But I still had an urging in my heart to try.

So, I ran into someone in town the other day that is connected with the farm and asked how it was going. He said, "They had the first pick up this week." I said, "Oh really, you don't happen to know if they have any open spots to fill, do you?" He said, "Actually they are looking for you want me to pass along your info?" Uh, hello, YES!!
The farm called me the next day and today I went to pick up my amazing fresh organic gorgeous delightfully smelling reward of produce. The whole way there I just rejoiced and giggled, because I knew that was just such a kindness from God to me. He is such a good giver of gifts to His children!

I hope my tale encourages you not to give up on your heart's urgings and dreams, God created you with them, unique to you!! And don't give up hope or asking! God loves to give His children good gifts!


Amy said...

that is awesome lydia!! i totally believe God does those little things- it is the little things like that, how we know he knows us!!

i need to look for something like that up this way!

Bino M. said...

Encouraging story! By the way, I too love growing vegetables.

lydia said...

Thanks Amy!

Thanks you have a garden, you should post about it sometime and put up some pics.....that would be fun!!! Grace to you!