Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus........precious Jesus!!!

Your name is like honey on my lips, your spirit is like water to my soul, your word is like a lamp unto my feet..............I love these lines from a song I just listened to by Skillet. I have to say, I can repeat them and sing them truly out of my heart. I never used to be so in love with Jesus name, I never knew just how refreshing the Holy Spirit really is, and I have become so hungry and eager to ravish the word like never before. Why is this? Because of Him, His love and His grace becoming unveiled more and more in my life every day!! I just can't get enough!! Who else wants some honey?!! More Lord, more of you!!! Come join me and have a mini worship session right here on my blog......Just praise Him for His love, lift up His sweet and precious name and be refreshed by the I am right now as I write this, woohoo, it's so good to be alive in Him!!!!


Don said...

I love this song, & used to sing it to our babies when I'd rock 'em to sleep.

lydia said...

Aww, that is so sweet, what a great way to fall asleep!!!