Saturday, July 19, 2008

As predicted.........

Well, I warned you all that I would quote a lot from "Practicing His Presence," by Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach. It is just too good to keep to myself! (by the way you can get this book at the library!) The portion quoted below is by Frank Laubach.

October 12, 1930 - "How I wish, wish, wish that a dozen or more persons who are trying to hold God endlessly in mind would all write their experiences so that each would know what the other was finding as a result! The results, I think, would astound the world. At least the results of my own effort are astounding to me. 
Worries have faded away like ugly clouds and my soul rests in the sunshine of perpetual peace. I can lie down anywhere in this universe bathed around by my own Father's Spirit. The very universe has come to seem so homey!!! I know only a little more about it than before, but that little is all! It is vibrant with the electric ecstasy of God! I know what it means to be "God-intoxicated." 
If our destiny is to grow on and on and on and on, into some far more beautiful creatures than we are now, that means we need to have the shells broken quite frequently so we can grow. 
I wish to tell all the world that it needs a better way, that God on Signal Hill satisfies, and sends through me a flow of glory which makes me sure that this is the pathway of true intuition." 

Whoa, does anybody else relate to this?!!  Spending time in God's Presence really does satisfy like nothing else!! I am assuming it only gets better and better!!! 

(The artwork above is painted by Sam Ah Tye, I fell in love with her artwork by viewing it at Prophetic Arts for Jesus on Facebook, and she has graciously agreed to allow me to display it on my blog. Thanks Sam!)


Amy said...

this is such a great book...i love it. makes me hungry to be in the Presence more...thanks for sharing

joyfullydia said...

Hungry is good, that's the goal.......your welcome!!
Miss ya!!

Don said...

Not to nitpick, but isn't this a quote from Frank Laubach, rather than from Brother Lawrence? Laubach wrote in the early 20th century, while Lawrence lived in, what, the 15th century?

lydia said...

You are so right!!! I went back and realized I was quoting from the portion of my book that Frank Laubach wrote.....I am happy to make corrections on this kind of thing.....thanks for pointing it out!!!

Brother Lawrence was the 17th century....