Thursday, August 14, 2008

I just want more of Jesus.......a heart's cry!!!

I just want more of Jesus. I want all of Him touching all of me. All my life is in His hands. All my life in Him, all of Him in all of me. I just want Jesus to flow through me. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, won't you be to me, everything I need. Jesus, you are all I want in life. Only you can satisfy me, solely. Only you can fill me, only you can love me so completely, so lavishly. I long for your voice whispering your love to me. I long for the tender word, I long for YOU, just YOU! How can I live apart from you? If I can't be with you, I don't want to be- period- at all without you, ever! I don't want to live this life apart from you!
Jesus you are the only one that has ever loved me right, you are the only one I can cling to and know that I am accepted and loved and cherished! It's true! Thank you for showing me your love, I need more of your love all the time, I need to be saturated in it again and again, not just in words but in actual tangibleness. I am so glad you come not in just words, but in reality, in nature, and in power!! You are so kind! You know my desperate need for your tender touch!! How good it is to be loved by you! How sweet it is to be loved by you! How lovely it is to be in Your presence, to be joined with you, seated with you in the heavenly places. Oh what a rich inheritance you have made possible for me!! Your love is the best, it's better than anything this world has to offer!! It's like everything that is good and wonderful and pure multiplied by the billions. And I want to sense it even more! I want to be so convinced beyond all measure of your amazing love for me!! Behold You are beautiful, my beloved Jesus, truly delightful! You have captivated my heart! You have won my love! You have captured me, completely. Never will I be the same!! I seek you with all my heart, help me to not grow weary or faint, but to be filled with strength each day to seek you with hunger -give me more hunger for you!!


Jamie said...

Thank you for being's a blessing.(Does that sound too churchy?).
Is it tacky to point you to my most recent post,"Jumping?" If so, forgive me. Your words just so closely echoed my heart.
Steve McVey refers to Christians as "sweet tea" in one of his books, and we do come in many flavors; your passionate Spirit-filled blogs remind me why I'm glad to be "wild blackberry mint tea." :)

lydia said...

Ooh I love wild blackberry mint tea!! No it's not tacky, I will happily read your post!!
If I am not me and real, than who or what am I?!

Matthew Campbell said...

That is my hearts prayer as well. When I'm running from Him in my flesh, full of guilt because of my behavior or feeling like I'm under the lordship of an irritable God who is always expecting more of me, I find that even in my heart, in my inner being, I'm yearning for Him just as you describe in this post. Our new selves in Christ love God and only want Him. We crave the love of God and the presence of God. We crave to do His perfect and pleasing will.

You have such a passion for our Lord. It's absolutely beautiful.

lydia said...

Thanks Matthew! I have been so blessed and encouraged by you as well, your total realness and love for God inspires me too!!
I know what you mean, I find myself getting distracted from spending time with Jesus for really lame reasons, and then one day I realize I have missed Him and never want to be without Him - He never ever leaves me, thankfully, but I often wander and let my mind take me away from Him!
Anyway, I just want to live loved by Him every minute of every day....!!!

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