Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Confirming Word.....

"Never conform to those who canive and contrive in cunning craftiness in counterfeit religious authority to produce the result to which their selfish agendas aspire, for this is a form of witchcraft that will confuse and tire my people with false fire and enslave them to the liar. But seek my face, position your hearts in humility and let my true nature of goodness, righteousness, purity, the integrity of my holiness and my perfect love capture your hearts. Let my motives motivate you, my desires desire you and show kindness to you, to heal you of all pain, to soothe away all rejection by My absolute acceptance. Come surrender and yield all of yourself to me for you cannnot make your hearts pure and holy, but you can open your hearts and present your hearts to me, you can expose your hearts to the radiance of my glory, you can find in Me depths of pure kindness and you can position youself toward My presence and I will make your hearts pure and holy. Do not take matters into your own hands, do not defend yourself or fight for your vindication. I am your council for defense. I am your perfect High Priest. I am your justifier and defender and no evil can successfully stand against you. Trust me, come further into My glory, further than you have ever been before, there are realms and realities of revelation that I am about to open to you and am opening to you. I have allowed you to come through the periphereal fence that the cherubims guarded and protected my people from going into the glory before their time, before they were ready through the New Covenant. But in June 2007, I lifted that fence and my cherubims allowed you to come into that glory. You came in just but a few millimeters of a measure and now in this time since then I've allowed you to progress in the measure of a few feet or a few meters, but now suddenly I am advancing you in the measure of millimeters or feet but of miles and kilometers, a step at a time into My greater glory, into My presence. My presence will be so strong that it will softten your hearts and take out of you all forms of doubt and bitterness. I will cause you to deisre Me way beyond human recognition and the praises of men. I am in these days giving My people such opportunity to have pure hearts and those who prioritize My manifest presence as precious beyond all else, I will drop down upon them mantles - I do not say mantle, but I say mantles, mantles of My glory - of My miraculous, of my enabling, for I can trust the stewardship of these unprecendented mantles of My glory only to those who are pure in heart, who are willing to suffer persecution without becoming bitter or cynical, because they find their safety and their hiding place and their protection and their identity in My manifest presence alone."
This was a word that Rob Rufus heard from the Lord to share with during his latest message, for his church City Church International, Attitudes that attract the empowering grace of God, part 4. Although this word was for CCI, I find it applicable to all who feel fed and cared for through Rob's preaching, and to those who may sense a connection to this amazing church. I also found it so confirming in several ways. One the Lord started giving me a strong desire to be pure. I found myself just asking Him to get off all the filthy stuff, both inside and out of me. Knowing that it is a work He must do in me. This is not my usual prayer or hearts cry, but one that has become urgent of late. I was so blessed to hear Rob share that the Lord is purifying hearts, He longs to do it. And not only that but He will bless the pure in heart with mantles of His glory! Amazing! Another thing that was confirming to me, was something I picked up in Bill Johnson's latest message. Bill Johnson gave a tremendous message on grace and he stressed his resolve to not defend himself in the face of persecution and accusation. I believe this was the first message I have heard Bill do on grace, and I highly recommend checking it out! (JULIE) The testimonies alone are worth it!!! Bill also talked about purity and holiness. There was such correlation between these two messages, I was thrilled!
Also, I have to point out from earlier in Rob's message he shared about an amazing encounter he had with the Lord, on 8-8-08!!! Rob didn't even know that was the date and the Lord told him to go look at the calendar. He shared about the significance of 8, being the biblical number of new beginnings. How Jesus was born on the eighth day, and rose on the eighth day. And that three eights was significant, because of the trinity and three meaning perfect!! He also went on to share that God told him, that this would be the time that all the prophecies he had been given would start to happen. It is not a time for new prophecies, it is a time for fulfilled prophecies. Now this is awesome to me, because I heard the exact same words from Jim Goll about 8-8-08, and the same word about prophecies from Julie Meyer. How confirming is that!!! I just had to share it with you all!!!

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