Friday, September 19, 2008

Celebrate with me.........

This month marks the one year anniversary of my blog,  "A Joy to Be Me."  A year ago when I set out to initiate this here blog of mine,  I had no idea what I was getting myself into! It has been far more of a blessing in my life than I ever imagined, on  so many levels! One way I have been most blessed is through the community I have become a part of via the blog realm! I like to think of all my fellow bloggers out there kind of like the early church. Paul did interact with many churches in person, however a lot of his interactions were via letters too. I have found myself both encouraged in the Lord as well as provoked to think more deeply thanks to many of you who read and comment regularly. So here's a hearty thank you to all of you!! 
What I felt inspired to do this morning, is open up an invitation to everyone to share, celebrate and boast in all the goodness the Lord is doing in your lives. As you may well know, I love testimonies. I would really like to hear your testimonies. Anyone and everyone!! Share a revelation, a scripture that came alive to you, a victory God gave you, a healing, either physical, emotional, or spiritual. No matter how minor you may think your testimony may be, it's not too insignificant to share here.  Feel free to keep it brief, or to write a book! I just want the opportunity to rejoice together and to boast in all the Lord is doing in our lives! If you feel more comfortable, you can email me ( and/or share anonymously. Or if you have already written a post with a testimony go ahead and link it in your comment!

Looking forward to hearing from you!! Grace and peace!!!


Joel B. said...

Hey Lydia... congrats on a year! That's very exciting! And it's exciting what the Lord has done through the blogging world to connect people from all around the world to encourage one another in His grace!

I don't have time for a testimony right now but I just wanted to say what a blessing it's been to get to know you a little bit through the blogosphere. :) Many happy returns of the blogging anniversary day!

Matthew Campbell said...

It has definitely been a blessing reading your blog and your excitement and faith in God's grace and love. I'm encouraged by your faith!! You're so genuine and full of joy. Thank you for sharing everything you have on your blog. It's such a blessing from God.

Jamie said...

Congratulations, Lydia!
We are blessed by your purity of Spirit and your joy; thank you.

Want to hear about our son's broken arm? And our BIG God?

Early in March, I received a call at work saying that our 14 yr. old son had fallen during PE and possibly broken his elbow.
Ryan rushed to get him as I began to pray. We took him out of town to the hospital, in case surgery was needed.
Reagan does not do well with pain; he worries and frets himself sick.
As we made the hour long drive, I explained to Reagan that rather than depending on mine and Ryan's faith, he could trust God personally and God would be faithful. I saw this as a crisis of faith for him; those moments when we are given the opportunity to believe or not.
At the hospital, they wanted to start an IV and I said no. Reagan's pain was manageable without strong narcotics. No meds were given. None. Let me add, none were offered; I think they over- looked it.
The emergency room doctor was very pessimistic, but we were positive and upbeat. Reagan was doing great other than having a volleyball sized joint!
X-rays were taken and I was in the room. As they appeared on the computer screen, I prayed. One break was clearly visible.
The emergency room doctor thought Reagan would need surgery but the orthopedist was in surgery and so a resident checked Reagan out.
Actually, the bone above Reagan's elbow was broken and one bone below was cracked. But when the resident checked Reagan's range of motion and pain tolerance, he was amazed. Reagan was feeling hardly ANY discomfort.
After much consultation, our options were surgery involving pins, with limited straightening later on or they could PULL the arm straight, wrap it, and we could see the surgeon days later after the swelling had gone down some.
Reagan said, "Pull it." He did receive a shot in the elbow at this point. And they pulled that arm straight while Reagan turned white. And then they said twice would be better, so he let them do it again!
The doctors were amazed at his pain tolerance; he said he had little pain.
One week later: The regular surgeon was out, a sub saw Reagan. He was very negative based on Reagan's hospital x-rays and prepared us for a surgery verdict. We told him we were believing differently. When he saw Reagan's new x-ray's he got really quiet and turned and said, "You're going to be fine." They casted over the gauze wrap he had been wearing.
One week later (week 2): Reagan told his friends he was getting his cast off that day. HE DID!!!
The surgeon said to wear a brace at school to protect it and not to lift anything, but otherwise move it and use it as the swelling went down. Reagan's elbow was still very swollen and a rainbow of bruises.
We went on vacation over Easter and Reagan began to have more use of his elbow everyday. The brace allowed him to adjust the angle, so that he could gradually open the arm a little more.
Week 5: The orthopedic surgeon released Reagan from care and said he would probably never get his arm totally straight, but only his mom would care. He was right! That was not acceptable. That was not God's best.
Today: Totally straight arm, full flex.
Reagan saw how big his God is and how faithful. We will not limit God to our puny, limited understanding. We have received oue healing in Christ; we just accept it in faith. How cool is that? :)

lydia said...

Thank you Joel, Thank you Matthew, and Thank you RJW......You all have been a blessing to me as well!

RJW ~ Thanks for sharing that awesome testimony!! I love your confidence in the Lord......."We will not limit God to our puny, limited understanding" Amen,you have encouraged and inspired my faith today, Thanks!! Also I appreciate how you encouraged your son to believe in a big God for himself, that is parenting at it's best!!!

jul said...

Yay and congratulations Lydia, I can't believe it's been a year already! You and Keith are big flaming torches for the gospel of grace, I love hearing your testimony and watching God unfold his plan and destiny for you both (and your boys!) more and more.

My testimony is that I keep on going, keep getting more flooded with God's love and goodness and blessings, and am aware of it all even in the middle of the bad circumstances that still come along. I've been depression/suicidal free for 2 years now haha! Not that I'm never tempted toward the dark side, but I so freely run into the arms of Jesus now that the devil doesn't stand a chance. That's just a little blip of it all anyway, but I opted for brief.

Thanks for all you share, I know when I come to read your blog God's going to impart revelation from you and it's always encouraging and exciting!

Bino M. said...

Congratulations, Lydia!

Your mentioning of Paul's writing letters got me thinking. Where ever he couldn't be in person, he wrote letters to encourage, instruct and correct them. We can do the same through blogs though we are separated geographically. One thing I like most about Paul is that he wasn't reluctant to share his weaknesses.

This is a great media to share, encourage and edify!

lydia said...

Thanks Julie ~ here's to getting flooded with God's love, goodness and blessings!!
It's much easier to run to him now than ever before, and I find too, that when I get in a funk it doesn't last long, and no the devil doesn't stand a chance.......Thank God for His amazing grace!!

BIno ~ Thanks and yes I find this blog world an amazing benefit and blessing too!!