Friday, September 5, 2008

Joy for others......

Yesterday was my birthday. I believe it was the first year ever, maybe, that I just woke up really happy to be alive and enjoying this life God has granted me. I don't say that to sound morbid or pathetic, but every other year I was under the law, under condemnation and I didn't even realize it! So the best gift I received this year was to live in the joy of my freedom in Christ. Not only my freedom, but joy for others freedom as well.
I was blessed many times over to receive well birthday wishes and love from many friends near and far. One of the most unexpected blessings was a call from an old friend that I rarely talk to. I was filled with love and joy the whole conversation, and I think my heart sang all night long in my dreams. During this conversation I came to learn that my friend has come to live in freedom as well. She has come to understand God's grace in a powerful way! She said her family is having the most fun they have ever had!! That just makes me smile and brings me satisfaction I can't explain. She shared how the Holy Spirit gave her revelation on how we are no longer under the law, or under the Old Covenant. God wants us to look at Jesus, that's it!!!!
I share this little tale because this is what I long for, to see others come into their freedom in Christ and truly live in the joy of their salvation. His yoke is easy and His burden is light, it really easy!!

This love and joy I have for my friend has deepened unconsciously. I truly believe Christ's love is coming out through me for her! This is how it should be! We live in pure freedom, made available to us, through God's awesome grace and Jesus' poured out love! We begin to love, because He first loved us, and because it's His life in us that comes to life through us. Displaying Christ like love and attitudes toward others. This explains my joy and the fact it is so intense! Because, Christ in me, is bursting out with delight in His precious daughter, that He loves! Wow, it's truly amazing!

My response reminded me of the verse in the series Rob Rufus is currently doing on Attracting the Empowering Grace of God. He has read from Philippians 4:1 and expounded on this part of the verse "Therefore my beloved brothers, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown......." I really believe our hearts begin to expand and deepen for others in a way, in the natural it could not be possible. But, in the supernatural, new life we have been given, where we are hid in Christ, we begin to love and long for our beloved brethren, our joy and our crown. This is how the Father sees us, and this is how we begin to see others!! With much joy, a joy inexpressible!!!
Many blessings, and much abundant joy to all who read here!!!


Aida said...

Happy birthday, Lydia.

What a wonderful gift Father has given you. Grace is a wonderful gift and it's exciting when we see that others have received and opened this beautiful gift too.

Thanks for sharing so beautifully. I look forward to reading how Father will continue to reveal his love to you in this coming year.

robbob said...

Oh, Happy Day, You took my sin away! Happy Birthday, belated. His grace is sufficient and I know how happy Papa is that you are really free now. What a fantastic B'day you must have had.
So many different paths, but all of them lead to the Treasure. Can anyone tell me how to add links to the side like on your site? I hit add a link but I don't know what it does???
And I've got to check out Rob Rufus!
Confused Bob

Jamie said...

Tears came to my eyes as I read this post. Thank God for His Love, and Mercy, and Grace in Christ Jesus and that you are experiencing His Life in you and seeing it manifest in others. That is God's desire, don't you think? Relationship: a union between our Creator and His creation, but so much more...between a Father and His children, between a Husband and His Bride. So many people believe and accept Christ for salvation but never have Life for today, they only hope for Heaven. That is selling Jesus short. He came to give us Life and that more abundantly. I need Life now in the world I'm walking in and others do too. That's not pie in the sky; that's the reality that allowed Paul to be content whatever his circumstance; he was living out of a different realm. If I'm seated in the Heavenlies in Christ at the right hand of the Father, shouldn't that work it's way out of my Spirit into my flesh? YES!
I'm so excited for you! Happy Annivesary of the Day of Your Birth and Happy Birthday of Your Realization of Your New Life in Christ...It's going to be better than you can begin to imagine!
Love to you.

lydia said...

Woohoo, thanks to ALL, I am feeling the love!! Aida, as I read your comment, I really felt a genuine love for you even though we have never met. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and share this journey with you here in blogland!!! Much love to you!!

RobBob, Thanks for your words as well! It's so cool to keep meeting new people that are living, loving and expressing life in Christ through this blog and others!! Yes, check out Rob Rufus, you will not be disappointed!
The go to customize your blog and click on link list, if that is what you want, and fill in the title and then to add the links, you have to copy and paste the blogs or sites you want and put it in the site URL line, and then the name of the blog in the site name, and then hit add link and save and it should appear on your blog!! Hope this helps! A little practice, trial and error and you will get it figured out soon!!!

RJW - Wow what can I say, what a powerful comment! You have been such a blessing to me in this short time I have "known" you through our blogs! Thanks for the inspiration you bring to me daily!!! Much love to you as well!!

Jordy's Thoughts said...

Ok Lydia. Its been awhile. I love this post. I think its incredible how your friend got that revelation from God about the law. And it seems to me that you 'feel' loved by Jesus Christ. How come I don't get this. I mean if I really wanted... NEVERMIND

lydia said...

Oh Hi Jordy ~ I am glad you enjoyed the post! It sounds as though you are possibly longing to get a sense of God's tangible love for you, is that right?
Or perhaps deeper revelation getting saturated into your mind! Don't we all need and want that!!
Well, if this is the case, just ask Him to show you His love just for you, and then be ready to receive it!!
And give yourself time to soak it in and let your mind catch up!! Much grace to you, oh loved son of the most awesome Daddy in the universe!!

silent wings said...

ahhhh Lydia, Happy belated Birthday! I could just feel the joy and celebration of the Father over you. I am sure that is what you have been experiencing because it is so tangible on this end! May the revelation of His love increase and abound....It seems to me that just as you felt such delight and love for your friend and her new must be likewise and more so for Him as His children awaken to His life, freely given for us. He is so good!

lydia said...

Thank you Cirra!! He is GOOD!!!

Ursula Kuba said...

Happy Belated birthday....and just wanted to say that your blogs are always so refreshing! How awesome is Jesus...and FUN! Thanks anyways...and blessings on you! Ursula

lydia said...

Hi Ursula, Thank you and great to meet you! Jesus ROCKS!! I just looked at your blog, and it looks like you are in Australia? at Jubilee, Fini and Isi's church, how excellent! I have enjoyed their preaching very much!! Many blessings to you too!

Bino M. said...


Sorry I am little late here.. doing my catch up in reading all the posts.

Belated B'day wishes!

Thank God for your friend! What a wonderful thing it is to see people being free in Christ...