Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Grace flows in worry free areas of your life

Lately, I am finding God is giving me more and more peace, or should I say shalom, in several areas of my life. And because of His peace in these areas I do not tend to worry or get stressed out. Things just flow, and there is so much ease where there never was before. However, there are some areas that I do worry about, like our lack of finances. This has been an area that has only gotten worse, not better. And the fact that my husband worries doesn't help! We both fuel each others worry in this department. 
I truly believe God is my provision. He promises to provide. And I believe that the gospel includes a remedy for my finances. Sozo, salvation, includes my prosperity. So, why does my reality not line up with this? It's the same as with sin, and sickness. If I am focusing on the problem and not what Christ has done and promised me, I will live in unbelief. Doubt will creep in and distract my gaze from where it should be. 
So here I am reminded yet again of my circumstances, but I am not to let myself be defined by my circumstances. I refuse to live that way. 
That shared, I was looking through some of the clips of Joseph Prince sermons on YouTube, and found this one. It truly blessed me and reminded me that I can live in God's peace in all areas so long as I do not worry and doubt. I hope it blesses you too!! I only wish I could see and hear the whole message!!


Jamie said...

I can not say why our lives do not always manifest God's provision but I know that my circumstance does not dictate to God; He dictates within my circumstance.

My reality is what He says not what I experience; I know that sounds foolish but God's ways are not ours.
I will rest in what He has said to be true and I will walk in that.

Open your eyes, young attendent of Elisha, and see the heavenly host surrounding you.

We are walking in a land that certainly has adversarial circumstances but the battle is the Lord's.

Speak Truth into your circumstance!

lydia said...

Thanks I needed that!!!

My God shall supply all my needs according to HIS riches in glory!!!