Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Okay, so I am one of those people that has a song for everything. And since Julie and I are both declaring each other "warrior," contenders, passionate for the awesome grace of God to be proclaimed - I had a fun idea!! Not sure if the words are so great, but nevertheless, she proclaims "I am a warrior!!" and that is the part that counts. Good old Pat Benatar!! So go ahead and putting on your dancing shoes, grab your air guitar and your imaginary mic, and sing along with me!! If you are passionate in the least bit about the Gospel - you are in my book a warrior!!


Dan Bowen said...

Oooh wow ... i love, love, LOVE Star Wars!!

lydia said...

Well then this was just for you, because it was the only YouTube video I could find that had that song in it!!

Dan Bowen said...

Ok ... now I feel nerdy and geeky!! Ah well ... I am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ so I'm secure in my nerdiness!!! :D

lydia said...

Aah but what's really true, how you FEEL or that you indeed are the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD, yup you are secure!!
( But you rate in my book, with your love of ABBA and dancing!! That's just flat out COOL!! )

Joel B. said...


I'm also huge into Star Wars so I really like this video! The song is actually performed by Scandal featuring Patty Smyth, so you will probably find more videos on youtube searching for that name. I'm glad you posted this, because back in the 80's I didn't really listen to the lyrics (except the chorus), and now that I've heard the song again I really like them, especially this part:

"Well isn't love primitive, A wild gift that you wanna give..."

The wild, wild love of our Daddy!

lydia said...

Well it figures - I was wondering why I couldn't find any videos!! You should enter a game show that would win you big money for all your music trivia knowledge!!

That is a good line!! ..........but, I am a WARRIOR!!!

Peace to you!!

Joel B. said...

My knowledge of music trivia, especially the 80's, is both a blessing and a curse... LOL =D

Jamie said...

The 80's were a curse we're trying to forget!!

Coming of age can be sooo ugly. :P

Except for Dev's birth in '88, that is. :)

lydia said...

Hate to tell you but the 80's are "in" these days.....(well at least some of the fashion, ICK!)

I must confess I have quite a few fav's music wise from that era, yup I do.

Matthew Campbell said...

There is nothing wrong with 80's music. I'll have no lip 'bout it! :)

I love the video. Natalie Portman is crazy about me. She just don't know it yet. ;)

Just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for telling us about the song Kisses of Your Mouth! I love it!!!

lydia said...

Matt ~ You indeed are too funny!! Some woman one day will be lucky to have you!! And you are welcome for the song......always looking to share the wealth and spread the love!! Peace to you!