Thursday, October 23, 2008

My sexy lover..........

Anyone ever been smitten? In love way to deep that you are giddy, faint with love. It's often all you can think about. Aah. I was thinking about falling in love, this morning as I was dancing with my sexy lover Jesus (wink wink) in my kitchen. He is such a good dancer! I feel like the most graceful ballerina when I dance with Him!! He never makes me feel insecure or incapable, and even if I trip over my own feet, He is there to swoop me up and turn it into a beautiful new dance move. 
Falling madly in love is one of the most awesome states of being in the whole wide world. You are captivated by the thoughts of another. Every time he speaks your name, you are overwhelmed with ecstasis. A simple touch, a warm embrace, a lingering glance - can take you over the top with delight that you are indeed on the heart and mind of another so intimately. Being in love is all  consuming, you just eat, breath and sleep ~love, love, love. 
Having Jesus as a Lover is the most satisfying endless fulfilling experiences ever - and guess what, it never has to come to an end. This love will not fail, wax or wane, grow weary or faint. It is always all consuming, fully passionate and totally pure! I love the way Jesus loves me, it's radical, it's thrilling and over the top!! His love is the most graceful love I have ever known and I plan to get drenched, saturated and filled up so full of His love I am bursting!!! 


RJW said...

Whew, girl, you're making me blush!!

Ursula would say that you know our Guy!! He is the ULTIMATE DANCE PARTNER! What a hottie! :)

Love you, Lydia.

Off to see our Matty and squeeze him 'til he squeaks!! ;)

lydia joy said...

Blush away!!

Squeeze him double good for me!!

Matthew Daelon said...

It was fun to hear your voice tonight! Wow! I didn't expect Jamie to call you. That was funny. She pulled me to the side in the bookstore and told me it was you. I was like "whaaa?" lol

We did last minute pictures outside because we forgot to do it at the dinner and inside the bookstore. But Jamie should be posting them soon.

I pray that you keep falling more and more in love with Jesus! Keep receiving His love.

lydia joy said...

Oh you too Matt! You have such a gentle sweet voice!! I am so grateful for the opportunity you all had to fellowship together! We are all family in Him!!
Can't wait to see the pics!!

Well, if He is the infinite Lover that He is, and He loved me first, I don't doubt this romance will continue.......may you continued to overwhelmed by His awesome love for you!!!!!!

Much love