Thursday, October 2, 2008

A proactive Father........

Motherhood. Parenting. Raising children. Relationships. Marriage. These are all wonderful opportunities to express the Christ life within. The more I see my Father's heart of love for me, the more I am able to love as He does. He is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love. If these are just words to you, may I reiterate them to you in light of your weakest moment, or your most ugly deed. Now, listen again.       The Lord   -     He is  - compassionate  -   and gracious -  s-l-o-w to anger -  and  abounding in love. This is particularly far more profound when we realize the great lengths to which He goes to show us his undying love for us!!
Often I find myself  reacting to my kids. After I have felt my blood boil and my words slur or my voice raise, I stop and realize, uh what just happened? This is not how my daddy would speak to me. He would have proactively talked with me, or asked if he could help me with my problems or whatever it was I needed at the moment. He would have been very patient and understanding with me, even if I couldn't express myself and all that came were tears and frustration. He would tenderly extend an arm to wrap around me, and tell me it would be alright. 
He is teaching me by His patience. He is leading me to be a more "proactive", non-reactive woman. This means opening myself completely up for the sake of another. It is a wonderful gift I can give to my loved ones. The act of giving, the laying down of myself for another. I can only see it beginning to flourish in me, because I've been watching my Daddy. He is a great role model. He showed me how to care and have compassion when he showed me the life of His son Jesus. 

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