Thursday, November 6, 2008

My True Identity in Christ........

I am justified and redeemed ~ Romans 3:24 
My old self was killed, crucified  ~ Romans 6:6
I am not condemned. ~ Romans 8:1
I am free from the law of sin and death ~ Romans 8:2
I am accepted. ~ Romans 15:7
I am sanctified, holy, set apart. ~ 1 Corinthians 1:2
I have wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, redemption. ( I am ransomed - restored to favor) ~ 1 Corinthians 1:2
I am always led in His triumph. (whether it appears so or not.) ~ 2 Corinthians 2:14
My hardened mind has been removed. ~ 2 Corinthians 3:14
I am a new creature. (Even though I don't always feel and act like it.) ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17
I am the righteousness of God. ~ 2 Corinthians 5:21
I am liberated. ~ Galatians 2:4
I am joined with all believers. ~ Galatians 3:28
I am a daughter and heir of God. ~ Galatians 4:7
I am blessed with every spiritual blessing in heaven. ~ Ephesians 1:3
I am chosen, holy and blameless before God. ~ Ephesians 1:4
I am redeemed, forgiven. ~ Ephesians 1:7
I have obtained a rich inheritance. ~ Ephesians 1:10,11
I am sealed with the Spirit. ~ Ephesians 1:13 
I am alive to Christ. (formerely I had a dead spirit.) ~ Ephesians 2:5
I am seated in heaven already. ~ Ephesians 2:6
I am created for good works, good performance and I can let Christ live through me to perform it. ~ Ephesians 2:10
I have been brought near to God. ~ Ephesians 2:13
I am a partaker of the promise. ~ Ephesians 3:6
I have boldness and confident access to God. ~ Ephesians 3:12
I was formerly darkness, but now am light.~ Ephesians 5:8
I am a member of His body. ~ Ephesians 5:30
My heart and mind are guarded by the peace of God. ~ Philippians 4:7
I have all my needs supplied. ~ Philippians 4:19
I am complete and perfect in Him.~ Colossians 2:10
I am raised up with Him. ~Colossians 3:1
My life is hidden with Christ in God. ~ Colossians 3:3

I am not who I used to be since Christ displayed His love and grace for me upon Calvary!! 


Jamie said...


I LOVE the list!! I had to copy it and send it to Devon at school last year. Just in case she forgot who she is. :)

And the video!! WOW!! Thank you; I love it , too!!! I will make sure Ryan sees it! Who is it, BTW?

lydia said...

Yeah me too! I had been wanting to compile a bunch of Scripture altogether like that for some time, and was so glad to find it already done for me in "Lifetime Guarantee."

I think that song has been in my head since someone brought it up somewhere on someone's blog...??? and I honestly don't know who performed in the video, I just liked it the best!!!

jul said...

yes you are and so am I. Just one small correction, galatians 4:7 says we are sons of God, not daughters. Though you may think it's a little thing, I myself feel it's a huge thing that God sees me not as his daughter (look at Hebrew culture or just about any other culture at the time) but as his first or oldest son, the important one haha. Many many times I will be treated as just a woman here on this earth, but God treats me as his beloved son and heir. Maybe it's my rebellious nature but I love that I am as much a son as any arrogant chauvenistic pig in a pulpit somewhere (or elsewhere hehe). Though of course there are times we are called children of God, so from that we can infer that we may as women consider ourselves daughters as well...though I don't know if the female believers were ever referred to as sisters, now I have to see.

lydia said...

Ha ha, yes it does say sons, I just changed it.......I like your clarification, very good point - I just like being a daughter of God, let along a child or first son - but isn't the first son the heir, God calls us that too!!
There is a verse in the New Testament that shows all believers are equal, but I can't find it.........anyway, to God you rate and rank just like any man, it's true!! We all are in Christ, and God shows no partiality!! He is no respecter of persons we are all accepted in the Beloved!!

Sheila said...

WHAT a post! You could feed off of these Scriptures for the rest of your life, couldn't you? ANd NEVER, ever go "hungry" again.

thanks for the birthday wishes, dear one. You are a truly are.

I see myself as a daughter, with all the rights and privileges of a first born son. I'm an "Achsah"...Caleb's daughter who YET inherited property and water-rights, just as a son would.

She is such a prophetic character in Scripture, who makes such a brief appearance, but when God showed her to me, she changed my life FOREVER.

lydia said...

Oh Sheila!! You are so welcome!!

Yes I love "Achsah", I just just learned about her, very awesome story!!

Joel B. said...

Wonderful words from scripture!

Great song!

jul said...

I like your take on the daughter/son thing Sheila! I think it's a bit of my wild (rebellious?) nature that makes me enjoy thinking of myself as son hehe, not to mention the crazy suppression I've endured at certain times as just a lowly woman in the name of humility and submission...

silent wings said...

Wonderful promises here! Julie and Sheila, thanks for bringing the "son" as an heir issue up! I was totally brought back to an encounter I had two years ago before I entered the grace journey full on...the Holy Spirit whispered "Tirzah" to me with such affection as though He had just called my name. I looked up the name in the scriptures and found this:

"You are as beautiful as Tirzah, my darling, As lovely as Jerusalem, As awesome as an army with banners." Song of Solomon 6:4
The name means "she is my delight." :)


Tirzah is first mentioned in the Torah (Numbers 27:1) as one of the five daughters of Zelophehad. After the death of their father, the five sisters went to Moses and asked him for hereditary rights. Moses brought their plea to God, and it was granted.

VERY cool! I will have to check out the story of Achsah too.

Pappa loves his girls doesn't he?! :)

lydia said...

Thanks Joel!

Cirra ~ Wow, I love love love what you shared about Tirzah and how God spoke to you, AWESOME!!!