Tuesday, February 24, 2009

stolen joy..............

the thief came in last night

what did he come for

he had no right

I fought him as best I could

but he was cunning and crafty

and up to no good

he quickly stole it

and ran off laughing

I could not take it

ended up crying

what more could I do

I wasn't anticipating

a heist, a coup

taking my prize, robbing

I just never knew

he took my joy

and I want it back

he took my joy

through his pathetic attack

that joy was a gift to me

blessed was it upon my head

each day I spread it eagerly

each night I hug it tight in bed

I am gonna get it back

just you wait and see

no damn blasted liar

is going to defeat me

after all I am a princess

I am royalty

seated above

in the Heavenlies

the most awesome King

my Father

whose name I love to sing

He can't rob me

He has no right

He can't take anything

from me

I am going to fight

I stand up and raise up

my voice to my King

I lift up and shout out

my urgent plea

Oh Jesus my Saviour

I praise you and thank you

for goodness surrounds you

your heart is to bless

but my heart is breaking

I simply must confess

I know you will hear me

when I call out Your name

please hold me and heal me

for your glory and fame

I wait for you Jesus

to fill me so full

of blessing upon blessing

and love unconditional


jul said...

hugs! Don't worry, the devil can't steal your joy, just make you think so for a bit...I know all about it! Have a lot to tell you sometime soon, sorry I didn't get back to you today...

lydia said...

ooh thanks, hugs back! I know you are so right he can't permanently steal it, but he sure will try, dangit...........!! I can't wait to see you soon!! And it's cool...I had a quiet day of much needed solace, it was good!! Love you!!

silent wings said...

Lydia my friend,
I have lessons to learn on how to fight like you. No shrinking back in discouraged defeat, shame, or numbing fear...no...there's you - running into those wide open arms and resting in confidence that He is your great defender, your strong warrior...the breaker of all lies. ahhh may He love you back to bliss. He's soooo very good at that. Nuzzle in where it's safe.

Love, love, love you xo
praying for you,

lydia said...

Sweet sweet Cirra,
Thank you for your words of encouragement and for the comfort they bring........!! I just can't go there ever again......it's not worth it when I can have all His good gifts and be in the safest place in the world, snuggled up in His bosom!! He's so faithful.....
Thanks for your love and prayers.......quadruple love back at you!!