Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Deep is calling...........

Held captive by your sweet embrace
I'm locked into your loving gaze
In the stillness of this moment
My every heartbeat thunders
With love for you Lord

In this holy and intimate place
I try to speak but my words fail
So with these tears that flow
From the depths of my soul
I'll anoint you with my praise

And deep is calling out to deep 
In the roar of your waterfall
Your breakers of love
Sweep over my heart
And I'm tumbling 
In the waves of your grace

~ Michelle Bass


sparrow girl said...

That is so beautiful...I hope you don't mind - I copied the last 'verse' onto the sidebar of my blog. Hope it's okay, it just seemed so fitting..

lydia said...

Hey Sparrow,
Don't mind at all.........I wish you could hear the actual song, it's one of my favs. Over on the side bar in worship music I like, you can check out Michelle Bass' Myspace page if you are interested.