Monday, October 12, 2009

How to be transformed..........

Ooh brr, it's chilly in there here parts today. A truly true fall day. It's beginning to feel alot like holidays are approaching (and yes, I am thinking it's beginning to feel alot like Christmas too, shh but don't tell anyone, it might be too soon for that, oy!) I rustled, crackled and crunched through the leaves on my way to work, all cozy in my sweater. I have been waiting for it to fully be sweater season. Yahoo!! I love me a warm snuggly sweater. Anyway.......I am rambling on incessantly. What I really wanted to share about today was this simple phrase that has been going through my mind for days. It's revolutionary! It's what everyone wants to know how to do, and all the legalists are dying for. How to be transformed. Or as they would say it, be more righteous, or holy. But really don't we all want to be transformed. To grow up to look like our Father. Yeah, I think we all long for that glorious transformation to be made manifest in our lives. 
WELL, I am here to share some good news. While we are truly made new in our spirits, and longing for our soul and body to reflect that new life - we can be transformed. It's quite simple actually. 









That's it, 'Be transformed, by the r-e-n-e-w-i-n-g of your mind. Renew your thinking. How? By believing what God has done for you and who He has made you into. Let me tell you, this is true!! I can vouch for it. I am being transformed from the inside out. 
I am here to tell you, don't look at your sitution, circumstances, flesh or struggles. Nuh uh. Look at TRUTH. Look at Jesus and fill your mind with what He has done. Even if no one else can see the transformation yet, don't worry, they will. Cause it's His word. It's a guarantee. He has accomplished much for you to live in the benefits of. So come on now, and just fill your mind with the truth that you can't see. It's where your hope lies. You have no hope in your flesh, or what life may bring your way. Your hope is in what He has already made new in you, and you can continue to live in this newness. Every day, new mercies, new beginnings, renew your thoughts. Refresh yourself, by believing what happened at the cross is truly finished! 
I love all the various definitions of renew. To begin, or take up again. To restore or replenish or make new. To revive, re-establish. To recover. To begin again, recommence. To regain or restore the physical or mental vigor of. Or how about this one, to bring back to an original condition (can you say - prior to the fall) of freshness and vigor. And interestingly enough, one of the synonyms for renew is regenerate. How cool is that?!!
So that's what God has put on my MIND lately. Haha. We are transformed by the renewing of our mind. By believing the Gospel. Not by our efforts, strength, our own pursuit of sanctification or good behavior. But by r-e-n-e-w-i-n-g our minds!!! Grace and peace to all who stop by!!!


Jamie said...

Lyds, thank you for this simple, but astonishing truth. I needed to be reminded. Isn't it strange that the hardest "work" we ever do is just to believe??? The battle is only between our ears!! Thus, RENEW your mind to TRUTH. I think my spirit has been STARVING lately as my personal circumstances have swept over me and my emotions like a tsunami. I HAVE been re-GENE-rated...remade from the inside out. Thank you for the timely amd MUCH appreciated reminder.


Rich said...


Thanks for sharing what's been on your mind lately, I don't mind one bit~ha!

Laboring to enter into His rest is learning to simply let go~ha-ha!

lydia said...


So you were glad for the RE-MIND-er, heehee!!!

Loving you super duper muchly also Mama Cat!!!!!


You are most welcome!! Setting our minds on things above, not on things that are on the earth, for we have died and our life is IN CHRIST!!!!!!!

Peace to you!!

sparrow girl said...


"Look at TRUTH. Look at Jesus and fill your mind with what He has done. Even if no one else can see the transformation yet, don't worry, they will. Cause it's His word. It's a guarantee."

This refreshed me for sure, just to read it. It made me feel relief! Thank you for sharing your exuberance about Him!