Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Through the eyes of a mother............

God has been showing me much of himself lately, through my momma eyes. It's delightful to me to get to know him better as He molds this mother's heart. My kids are my world these days, and I am beginning to see the way God must see us, his children, as I raise my boys. 
My kids bring me joy every day in some way or another. Christian, my delightful two year old, has been my constant buddy lately. He has the remnants of the flu still, along with what seems like a cold on top of it. Often he is at my feet. Literally. Or on my legs, shoving his head through, or trying to climb up them. Ha! He just wants to be held, to be loved. Lots and lots of cuddling and kisses have been had by the pair of us, and he is quite the bear hugging boy! I wouldn't trade it for the world, though I do just long for him to be better again. I often swoop him up and tell him that he is the best ever!! 
Clark, my quirky curious four year old, lately has had a nasty cough. It's a sad sad thing for such a skinny little boy to be hacking up a lung all day long. I can only imagine how much his chest and back hurt from coughing like that. He has been a trooper though, whiney, yes, but hanging in tough for sure. He is such a loving child. He loves to tell me he loves me so much at any given moment and will walk into the room with arms spread for a hug and a kiss quite often. Every time he and I part ways, he has this little routine. "I love you too, you're cute and beautiful! Bye! See you later, have fun!"  He then of course insists I tell him also to,  "have fun or have a good day!" And then repeatedly hugs and kisses me. Sadly though, I have noticed this practice is somewhat waning. One day, he won't say goodbye in that way, but for now I will cherish each lingering goodbye, Clark (age 4) style. I often swoop him up as well, while squeezing and tickling him, telling him, that he is the best ever! 
Colby, my artistic and descriptive 6 year old, has been blessing me big time. He comes home from school and immediately does his homework, very eagerly I might add. He is learning how to read more fluently and it is a joy to observe. He is really growing up! Just yesterday, he took on a school project with zeal all on his own. Not long after he had started, and it's not usually like me to not 'oversee' such affairs, he came bounding up to me, eager to share his creation. Honestly, I was impressed. (as all mothers must be I am sure.) Truly, he had crafted a work of art all with his own ingenuity. I was so delighted!!! He was overjoyed!!! I told him that he was very creative and he too, the best ever!!!!!
Caleb, my social networking 10 (almost 11) year old, is getting older than I care to admit. He has become much more independent this year, mainly with his social life. He has embraced public school whole heartedy after having only been home schooled all his life. I am proud! Just Monday however, he came home, crying holding his arm. My momma instincts told me this was serious. I immediately took him to the E.R. and we soon found out he in fact had fractured his wrist. This, was our first ever, broken bone of our family. He was quite the trooper the whole time. Even though it was a trial, he and I bonded in a way that was precious. He seemed to mature a whole ton just through this experience. I was amazed! I truly think he too is the best ever!!! 
Each child delights me so, each child is my favorite! I just see so much of God's heart for me, as I ponder the love I have for my little treasures. I am so grateful to see His heart doesn't change for me ever despite what circumstances or choices I may make. He constantly adores me, and thinks I am the best ever!! I just value the way I see him through mother's eyes..........................!!!


Phil said...

Thanks, Lydia.

lydia said...


sparrow girl said...


I loved "meeting" your boys, and I love how you said each one is your favorite! Bet that's how God feels about His own kids, don't you think?

lydia said...

Sparrow, YES!! I do think God thinks I am His favorite - hee hee!! You are too!! Glad you enjoyed meeting my kiddos - they are fabulous! Now if only I could get some photos up...........I need to ask Daddy for a camera ;)