Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not I but me..........

I'm dead, I'm dead, hidden in God with Christ,

dead to this world, to God I'm alive,

my passions and desires have been crucified,

but in my flesh I see deceit and lies.


Its no longer I, but evil in me,

Its no longer I, the evil I see,

for in my flesh nothing good can be,

for this old man is no longer me,


What shall we say?....   No responsibility!

shall I do what I want now I am free,


Thank God in this flesh I'm not alone,

for grace reigns from the throne,

ruling over to bring me home,

a slave, to righteousness I am owned.


and from this grace I cannot fall,

unless I go back under the law,

to which I'm dead, and dead to sin,

so to God I am alive,

I'm dead, hidden with God in Christ.

~ Stuart Whitby

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