Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Take a chance on me..........

I've been having so many wonderful conversations lately about grace, and freedom in Christ. Something about sharing truth with others just makes me light up and my heart and spirit soar. I feel like dancing and jumping and laughing - quite frankly I feel like I am as giddy as a school girl back in high school. Ha! 
That said, unfortunately I hear many statements by christians that are rather depressing and alarming. And somehow I get the impression that many christians get off on believing that God is mad at them. Oh they can say 'God is good', but when you tell them God is happy all the time, they can't accept it. It's like they need Him to be mad at them to keep them in line. So if they know God will be angry with them if they don't work hard and act like good little christians should, they are motivated to live upright and holy. I mean are we trying to put God in our good and evil box too. Do good get good, do bad get bad. God is not like that. How can God be in anything other than a good mood, His goodness defines Him. He is good and can't be anything but good. He is love, He can't help but love passionately. It's who He is, he cannot fit into our paradigm of good and evil. Nuh uh. 
Another frustrating thing I hear often from christians is that they think there has to be talk of more than just God's love or else how would things get done, how would people stay in line? Right. So they use that as a lead in to want to still uphold the law. They say, Jesus said, 'if you love me you will keep my commands'.   That's how many will argue that they still have to uphold the law, misunderstanding many things while doing so. Namely, that Jesus brought in a much better covenant and that he was the end of the law. He is offering us a chance to trust His very life to work it's way in us - from the inside out. Not from external restraints and demands. He says His commands are not burdensome. What are His commands? To believe. To rest. To trust. Perhaps to let go of our own self reliance and take a chance on Him - what do you think?


The Lewis Family said...

Ha, yeah, what a chance that would be eh. . . I love those conversations - I exactly know what you are talking about!!! I get giddy too - get all chatty and silly after such a conversation. Invigorating indeed! Alive and so aware.

lydia said...

Ha, same spirit, ha! Full of joy!! Love it!!!