Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Remembering who I am

It was well over four years ago now, that I had awakened to a profound truth that really set me free! That truth was first and foremost that I was loved 100 % for exactly who I am from the inside out. You see for most of my life I was shackled with the chains of guilt and shame that I wasn't enough, I wasn't living up to my true potential nor was I measuring up to a standard that dictated I live a life that certainly would have been impossible for me to live truly, unless I faked it. And if you know me, I can't really fake anything that well or for very long. There is too much inner wrestling that goes on and eventually my true colors come flying out. And honestly, that is how it should be for everyone. What I realized back then was I didn't have to allow anyone else to determine my path or my outcome.

No one could define me by rules or regulations or standards.

Nor should they.

Nor should I allow them to.


I was and I am free to be just exactly who I am.


No strings attached. No skeletons in the closet. And most certainly no manual for the robot I could have become.

Nuh uh.

Just me, myself and I.

Fully loved, adored and accepted........

I mean, isn't that the cry of every human heart. Do we know this to be true in our lives? Unfortunately, most people do not. That is a sad existence to not live in the fullness of who you really are. To live encumbered and burdened by believing you need to be anyone else other than the true you.



Broken down.


That is death. Not life!

Whether you believe in God or not, whether you believe in Jesus or Buddha or are a Universalist, the reality is you long to live in freedom. To live accepted fully and loved completely. Deep down your innate being craves that and you won't live fully free until that truth strikes deep at the heart of your core. It becomes your essence. It so engrains you that you walk, talk and breath freedom.

Love. Joy. Peace.

This is truly how we are all meant to live! Imagine a world full of people living in this reality. Believing that they are indeed of great value and worth to the whole wide world. Viewing others in that same light as well. That is the kind of world I want to be in. Not the world I once lived in, that was dark and deprived. One in which everyone was scrutinized, and my own personal scrutiny in addition to that of others became so crippling I lost the true me.

No one should live in that kind of dungeon of despair - NO ONE!

As I ponder my past, even taking a quick glance back, I am so relieved to see how far along I have come and how much more breathtaking the view in life truly is! I live life how I want, I live life very happy, I love my life actually. Though it is far from perfect or ease, it's the life I always wanted to live because ultimately, I am living as a free woman.

Free to just be me!

How awesome is that..................

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