Monday, June 9, 2008

Faithful in the little things....

I have noticed a pattern in my spiritual journey. (How profound...)

When God is trying to teach me something or show me something, it seems that the message He sends me comes over and over, various different ways, until I finally say, Oh God you are trying to teach me something....and then I get the chance to walk it may not always be a lesson that He wants me to actually "do" something, it may just be a truth He wants to teach me....and what I have noticed is when God teaches me truth, or gives me revelation on something, it really sticks, it becomes part of who I am. I love that!
God simply is NOT a harsh taskmaster, he is so gentle, loving and patient. He takes the time to tell us something again and again, in whatever way He does, so we can get it! We are just like sheep that truly need a tender shepherd to guide us, and to find us and bring us back when we are lost! And God knows He's had to do that for me a few times!!! And I know He would patiently do it over and over, if need be. Right now, I am just lovin' His ways of teaching me and it's up to me to listen, and to know His Voice and to respond. I think that's why I am so excited about this revelation, because for so long, I couldn't really hear His Voice. There was so much in the way trying to keep me from Him.....but I am so thankful He faithfully came after me. Now I feel like He has won my heart (again) and captivated me so much more, that I am pretty confident He won't have to come find me again, I don't want to get lost or distant from Him ever again. I don't ever want to be so far away that I can't hear him!!
Lately, I have been learning that it is good to be faithful in the little things. I mean I have heard that before and probably was taught on it at some point over the years, but this time it's directly from the Lord and I am listening. A lot of times I learn better through the path life takes me. I know God is good, He loves me and wants to give me wonderful gifts. All of heaven's resources are at His fingertips and He is my Daddy, so of course I can ask anything of Him. He does bless me and give me things, as well as does miracles on my behalf, but sometimes it doesn't come immediately. I wish it would. Sometimes, I can learn so much more if it is a process. I don't believe God ever wants me to suffer, nor does He cause things like sickness to teach me character. I think He teaches me and grows me up through life's journey.
Right now, Keith and I know we need to one day move again. (we have lived in 6 different homes in our 8 1/2 years of marriage, aah!) We know we are not in our permanent home and that can be very difficult. Our house is small, we have four boys...(does anyone know how wild and noisy boys can be all put together!!! and we homeschool, so it's 24/7 crazy!!!) ...there are things about our living situation that are challenging....that cause us to be impatient, on top of the fact we haven't been settled in ...well, our entire marriage!! So, we long to get our house on the market and find a house and whallah, presto, everything is hunky dorey, peachy keen. Yeah, well that isn't how the world always works, huh? It can be such a struggle a constant nagging, there is so much to get done to get our house ready, but no finances, and to top it off, we are not handy at all and again, we have four crazy boys at our legs.....Okay, so why am I rambling on and on. I keep getting the vision and the dreams for our future and believe and know it's possible and that God will give us a wonderful new home one day, but for now all I can hear is..."Be faithful in the little things, take care of what I have given you...." It has come to me in many forms that whisper, a conversation with a friend, watching another friend being faithful, reading a random blog post elsewhere, and even in my spirit I just hear that faint whisper. It's so sweet of Him to remind me so tenderly, that I just want so desperately to do it. Okay Lord, I will be faithful, even when I don't see the end in sight, just because I love you and want to honor you!!!
I tend to be a dreamer, I often have great vision for things and have a lot of passion! But what I don't often do well is the in between, the nitty gritty...the steps to get me to my dreams!! I have confidence they can come true and I have confidence in God's ability, but I need to learn and grow in the small things.....and God is giving me an opportunity to grow in that right now! And for once, I am actually excited about learning how to be faithful in the little things, because the Lord is renewing me, He's helping me to put on the new me one step at a time!! Thanks for bearing with me in this long drawn out, random thought process, I hope it blesses someone!!


Amy said...

This was no random thought process Lyd- it was beautiful! And exactly where I am too!!! Thanks for putting what I am feeling into words. I loved it.

Joel B. said...

Beautiful post indeed! And it's because you know Him (not just know about Him), and are getting to know Him more and more. How exciting!

I can still very much relate to all of this, even 16 1/2 years into my walk with Jesus. Sometimes the lessons are learned quickly and the revelations take hold quickly, but many more times it seems He simply remains faithful at working in my heart and mind, and circumstances and dreams and all kinds of other ways, over a long period of time. And that's ok. Even when I seem so dull-minded, ignorant and unfaithful, He never leaves nor forsakes and He remains faithful and true.

Restoration, reconciliation, love, life, etc, are His business, so to speak. His constant, steady faithfulness to us is what makes all of that happen. He is always at work in us "to will and to do for His good pleasure." I love the imagery of the shepherd and the sheep you've reminded us of here. We truly do have a tender shepherd, not harsh, but gentle and patient.

lydia said...

Thanks Amy, glad you were blessed by this!!!

Hey Joel, I always love your mini "sermon" comments, so much good stuff. It is exciting to truly know my Jesus, my Saviour more and more - He is so wonderful!

Here's a little quote I found that I thought went well with this post;

"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have." ~ Frederick Keonig

Joel B. said...

That is a great quote. My friend Mike often says that we (Christians) seem to ask God for what we already have! We really do need to learn to recognize the truth of who we already are and what we already have, and to appreciate it. :)