Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fruit or no fruit? That is the question (or not!)

Did you ever stand by a fruit tree and wait for it to bear fruit? Stomping impatiently at it when the fruit didn't come when you wanted it to. Telling it, it's not a fruit tree cause it doesn't have any fruit that you can see?

Of course not, who does that? It would be silly right. A tree will bear fruit in season - right?!!

That's how it is with a believer as well. They will bear fruit in season. Why? Because it's Christ in them, both to will and to do. It's Christ in them the hope of glory. How can someone who is in Christ not bear the fruit of His seed planted in them? Please tell me!

One thing I see so commonly is christians judging other christians and where they are at with the Lord based on the 'fruit' they don't see in their lives. It's sickening to me! We simply cannot ever ever ever know what God is up to in someone's life. We most certainly cannot regard after the flesh. If God has once for all time judged every sin at the Cross, why on earth are we judging others based on what we think we see. Or even what we know we see. I am sick of it! Sick to death of it!!

God has dealt with everything that needed to be dealt with for anyone under the sun to be in a relationship with Him. He's not counting anything against anyone. Human relationships and life walked out on this earth, can be a different story. We have to deal with others. We will sin against them, and they will sin against us. And we have to figure out how to live in a way that we can 'so much as it depends on us, keep the peace with everyone'.  So judging is out! That doesn't work and it isn't even necessary. We will have to deal with so much in relationships we have on this earth. People will hurt each other and figuring out how to walk challenges like that out can be messy. But one thing I know remains unchanged despite human relational issues. God is not counting anyone's sins against them! He is not trying to change you to get you to behave better. No. He wants to love you! That's it!!

Through His love however, He will woo your heart to love in return. It's only natural! Love begets love............

Anyway, I am rambling on a bit, and expressing some things that are on my mind through interactions I've had in the past week and observations I have made of common mindsets that are out there in the world of christianity. I go a little nuts sometimes, because the christians that are so busy focusing on other christians fruit are missing the whole dang point of it all..........Hmpfh! I want to rest in what God has declared finite!! May I ever be being loved into begetting more love....................


sparrow girl said...


I'm so glad you're posting again - I'm dancing inside! Yay! I know you must be very busy with your business - I hope that is going great and that you and the boys are wonderful these days!

I have really missed your wisdom. Everything you write here is refreshing and great - I especially resonated with the line about how He's not trying to get us to behave better, He just wants to love us..resting in His love is the only way to see fruit come anyway, so we might as well stop doing "fruit checks" on us and others and just rest, rest, rest, in His love!

Love to you and yours!

lydia said...


Yay!! It's great to be back and to have you visit! Life is busy for sure, but I have so much life busting out I just had to keep on sharing!!

Here's to resting...........!!!

Peace to you!!

Love ~ Lydia

Anonymous said...

Love your blog .